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Will I Get a Perfect Seal with the ComfortSeal Filter?

A perfect seal is very difficult to achieve, but a near perfect seal is possible when worn correctly. The ComfortSeal Filter is intended to create an added level of protection through both filtering and helping to create a seal around your nose and mouth. The foam gasket is meant to be a much more comfortable seal versus silcone based masks which can leave pressure sores on your face. The efficiency of the seal is largely dependent on the size of the filter in relation to your face and the fit of your mask. We recommend using the filter with masks containing a metal conformable nose piece. Masks should fit securely on your face.

As a comparison, medical grade masks that use silicone seals also do not always create a perfect seal for those in the health field. In order for the best seal possible, those masks are secured around the back of the user’s head very tightly and uncomfortably. For the general public, most cloth masks fit around a person’s ears. The ComfortSeal Filter drastically reduces unfiltered air, but since it is secured with a cloth mask, some minor leakage is expected. Even with a rough seal still greatly improves the protection a mask gives you.

Tips to help get a better seal:

  • Make sure the bottom of the filter rests below your lips and above the base of your chin. 
  • The tighter your mask, the better the seal.
  • Use a mask with a metal conformable nosepiece.
  • Place the top of the filter at the top of the mask so the mask pulls the filter down and into the spaces between your nose and filter.