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Universal Trim-to-Fit Cloth Mask Filters

High Efficiency, Electrostatic
Face Mask Filter Insert

Mask Filter

Improve the effectiveness of your current cloth mask with this high-efficiency, trim-to-fit filter. Our Medical Grade filter material is used in ~90% of US ventilators and tested to 99.99975% Viral Filtration Efficiency.

Trim-to-Fit Your Mask

Ideal filter for masks with pockets

Just trim the filter to fit into any mask. Insert the cloth mask filter into the pocket and start feeling safer and better protected against airborne contaminants.


The electrostatic filtration is low-resistance and allows for increased breathability.


By utilizing electrostaticaction, the filter captures particles in the air which lowers the amount of contaminants you breathe.


Our filters are fiberglass free, so you do not need to worry about irritation on your face.

Electrostatic Filtration Performance

The high-efficiency filtration fabric has at least the following characteristics. It is the same filter media used in ~90% of US ventilators. It offers exceptional breathability with much safer filtration than most available cloth mask filters.

NaCl Penetration at 32 LPM< 0.10%Tested in accordance to TSI8130 NaCl 0.1 micron particle size
NaCl Efficiency at 32 LPM> 99.90%Tested in accordance to TSI8130 NaCl 0.1 micron particle size
Pressure Drop at 32 LPM< 2.3 mm H2OTested in accordance to TSI8130 NaCl 0.1 micron particle size
Air Permeability> 85 CFM Tested in accordance to ASTM Spec ASTM D373
Bacterial Filteration Efficiency> 99.99990%Tested in accordance to Spec MIL-M-36954C By Nelson Labs
Viral Filtration Efficiency> 99.99975%Tested in accordance to Spec MIL-M-36954C by Nelson Labs

*Material Specifications are in accordance with ASTM Standards for Evaluating Non-Woven Textiles


Combination of blended synthetic fiber and spun bond polypropylene.