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Respiratory Shield Cleaning Guidelines

The Victory Mask Respiratory Shield helps protect the face and breathing zone against certain particles. It consists of a non-sterile, reusable partial-face shield with an integrated, easy-to-wear foam respirator. The respirator is surrounded by disposable high-efficiency filtration fabric and pre-filter.

Materials of Reusable Components

• Shield: High-clarity polyester film.
• Respirator foam: Expanded closed cell polyvinyl chloride/acrylonitrile butadiene blended foam rubber.
• Straps and cord stop: Nylon paracord

Recommended Cleaners

• There are no known concerns with any cleaning solutions affecting performance of the components.
• Low- to intermediate-level cleaners may be used.
• Soap and water is also recommended for cleaning.

Do Not Use

Do NOT use high-level disinfectants (e.g. gluteraldehyde, peracetic acid) to clean the Victory Mask Respiratory Shield. The CDC (USA) recommends against the use of high-level disinfectants for cleaning environmental surfaces that may directly contact skin since the chemicals are highly toxic.

Do NOT place the Victory Mask Respiratory Shield in an autoclave, sterilizer, automatic washer-disinfector, or any other high-temperature system as this may cause damage.  

Cleaning Protocols

  1. Prior to the initial use, and when returned from service after a period of non-use, the reusable Victory Mask respirator and shield should be wiped with a disinfectant or soap and water.
  2. Do not wash and reuse the Filter. The Filter should be replaced approximately every two weeks or when inhalation becomes difficult.
  3. Following cleaning, ensure that Victory Mask Respiratory Shield is dry before using, especially if chemical solutions are used.
  4. The closed-cell foam of the Victory Mask respirator will not absorb cleaning solutions; however, a small amount of liquid may be retained on the outermost layer of the foam if it is saturated during cleaning. Therefore, it is not recommended to completely saturate the foam with cleaning liquid. If this occurs, however, dab the foam dry with a paper towel. If skin irritation caused by residual cleaning solutions is a concern, we recommend cleaning with soap and water.

Storage Recommendations

Store the Victory Mask Respiratory Shield away from contaminated areas when not in use.