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ComfortSeal Filter for Surgical and Cloth Masks (Pack of 3)

(7 customer reviews)


Number of Packs Discount Price
2 - 3 $13.99
4 + $11.99
  • Pack contains 3 ComfortSeal filters for your surgical or cloth face mask
  • Discreetly fits underneath your mask directly against your face
  • Very Breathable
  • Filter tested to 99.99975% Viral Filtration Efficiency
  • Electrostatic Filtration
  • ComfortSeal Technology improves the seal around your nose and mouth to vastly reduce inhaling unfiltered air
  • Fiberglass Free
  • Does not Include Mask
  • Small, Medium, and Large Sizes
  • Filter Material: Combination of blended synthetic fiber and spun bond polypropylene
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  • Free priority shipping at $75.00
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Your face mask protects others… but NOT you! Protect yourself with the ComfortSeal Filter. The foam gasket creates a seal around the nose and mouth to keep inhaled and exhaled air passing through the high-efficiency, electrostatic filter. The filter material has been tested to 99.99975% Viral Filtration Efficiency and is used in ~90% of US Ventilators.

The ComfortSeal Filter fits inside your personal cloth or surgical mask, dramatically increasing your personal protection against airborne pathogens and aerosols.  The ComfortSeal Filter is a high efficiency filter with an attached gasket to provide a vastly improved seal around the nose and mouth.  Most users say that it is more comfortable breathing with a ComfortSeal Filter in the mask than with the face mask alone.

Face Mask ComfortSeal Filter Fit Guide

How long can they be worn?

Depends on use. For someone wearing a Comfortseal filter in the community (i.e. going to the store) it will last for a couple weeks. For prolonged/heavy use, we recommend that it be replaced more often.


The electrostatic filtration is low-resistance and allows for increased breathability.


By utilizing electrostatic action, the filter captures particles in the air which lowers the amount of contaminants you breathe.

Reduces fogging on glasses

The foam gasket seal reduces or eliminates exhaled air from exiting the mask near your nose and fogging glasses.

Upgrade Your Ordinary Mask to a Victory Mask

ComfortSeal Filter in a Cloth Mask

Why should you upgrade your mask to a Victory Mask?

Weight 0.6 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3.5 × 0.5 in

Augustine Surgical, Inc.

Part Number

F200 (Large)
F210 (Medium)
F220 (Small)




Filter: Blended synthetic fiber and spun bond polypropylene.
Foam: Expanded closed cell polyvinyl chloride/acrylonitrile butadiene blended foam rubber.

7 reviews for ComfortSeal Filter for Surgical and Cloth Masks (Pack of 3)

  1. Marianne and John Siefer (verified owner)

    I ordered two ComfortSeal Filter for Surgical and Cloth Masks along with some spare filters for both my husband and myself. They are extremely comfortable and we both love that we are wearing a mask, with your filter inserted, that now truly makes us feel safe from catching this virus!! Thank you so much for making this amazing filter!!!! I am recommending it to all my friends!!

  2. Kim Jackson (verified owner)

    These filters improve both my comfort while wearing a mask and my safety in public. The added layer of filter ensures that a disposable mask is more effective, it is easy to wear, And actually more comfortable than the mask alone.

  3. Cynthia Lindeman (verified owner)

    I like the comfortzeal under a cloth mask. Your mask can be lighter weight and the seal keeps the fabric off of your face. Easier to breathe. The trim to fit fabric works real well in the paper masks.

  4. Jane May (verified owner)

    I ordered the ComfortSeal filters in two sizes thinking I would wear a medium and my husband the large. In trying them on with our favorite outer masks we discovered that different sizes fit better with different masks. Now I claim a large ComfortSeal filter in my collection and my husband claims a medium in his. I would recommend ordering more than one size to accommodate all the different styles of outer masks that we all now seem to have. It’s nice to feel safe and have options!

  5. Judy Klopp

    Great filters! We have both the Trim-to-Fit Filter and the ComfortSeal Filter. I work in a school and my husband works out in the community. We have a mask for each day of the week, we use a different filter for each mask. We wash the masks at the end of the week and reuse the filter until it is time to replace it. The filters provide us that added protection. They are comfortable to wear, we highly recommend them!

  6. sebold.rachael (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend these filters! Sending my kids back to school feels scary, but it is comforting to know that they have these filters to protect them. On top of providing a higher level of safety, the filters are easy and convenient to use.

  7. Molly Sauerbry (verified owner)

    Great product. I feel a lot safer wearing it!

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